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Cait Ferranto

An Emmy award-winning editor and motion designer with passion for creating pixel-perfect, iconic content that motivates audiences around the world. Over ten years of experience in creative editorial, marketing, graphic design, photography, cinematography and documentary film making. Fierce to be current on new technology and the cultural zeitgeist influencing creative trends.

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Documentary about an all-female skateboarding group

based in Venice Beach, California. They are building community around encouraging women and girls to get on boards and support each other.

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Sizzle Reel

Sizzle reel created for the CNN Image + Sound team. It highlights the non-news side of CNN and features the skills and services the team provides to the CNN brands.

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On The Trail

A pitch for HBOMax from CNN for a documentary about women covering the campaign trail. It was picked up and released as an HBOMax Original "On the Trail: Inside the 2020 Primaries"

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A short film produced to celebrate the 85th anniversary of Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues highlighting their anti-apartheid movement.

CNNI Go There War in Ukraine SOCIAL
China Iron Fist Doc Act
Banff Snowboard Trip
Inside Africa Promo


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